Saturday, August 07, 2004

Enlightened and Reminiscing

I'm feeling well today ;) I was asked by my boss to extend for another week and you know what it's ok with me. Reading my previous entry quote " I on the other hand feel numb" sudden change of outlook regarding my resignation. I realized that I'd have more time to save up money, be with my colleagues and contemplate on the events that happened during my stay there. I wouldn't deny that i also felt sad/hesitant that I'd have to leave my 1st job. Reminiscing...I'm really proud of myself on how I got the job at AHMC. During my last term in Benilde i was only left with one subject "practicum". We had to render and complete 400 hrs for this subject. I was assigned at AHMC with Pol, good friend & blockmate, and Howard. I gave my 110% in everything that I was assigned and not assigned to do. This was not because I was vying for a position there, it never entered my mind actually since they were freeze hiring at that time. I was just eager to learn and absorb everything. They were impressed with my performance and got an excellent evaluation from my superior, modesty aside. Even before I finished the 400 hrs, the HR manager had a little chat with me and asked me if I wanted to join AHMC?? I was really shocked since I was not really expecting anything. I accepted the offer, a week after my graduation I was officially hired. It’s nice to contemplate and reminisce events that had happened whether good or bad. In contemplation, you'll learn to appreciate the things that you have and strive more to achieve things that you never had.


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