Friday, August 13, 2004

Freaky Friday

I had an adrenaline rush today! I mentioned before that I’m planning to watch Baby the Musical. Since the play would be running until 1st week of September, I was very calm that I could purchase the ticket for a later date and still have good seats. I finally had spare time (since I was still at work) to call the Ticket Office just to be sure. I calmly asked the CS attendant if there were free seats for Aug 27, and two orchestra center seats. “One Moment Please, sorry madam we don’t have free seats for the 27th” I went blank! Huh? What did she say?? A non- conceivable thought. I politely asked for the nearest Ticket outlet, Tower Records town. Finally its 5:00pm I panicked! Since I still had to go home and get some money since I had to purchase the tickets by 6:00 (ticket counter closes at 6:00) I rushed home got the money and drove the car as fast as I can. I made it by 6:24 not loosing hope I asked the counter and yes they were still open! After 20 mins of interrogating the sales lady. I got good (actually good isn’t enough to describe the seats that I got) seats!!!! Center orchestra front row!!! Although it was on a later date but I didn’t mind at all.


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