Saturday, August 14, 2004

Never Ending Errands...

I’ve been doing errands ever since this morning. I drove my mom to Sta. Rosa around 8:30 am then after that we went to Makati (near sky way) since she has to settle some dues. After that I accompanied her to Rustans for groceries and we went home just in time to drop her off and go to the office. This is my last day at work, I was supposed to be in the office this morning to fix my things but I had some urgent errands to attend to. I dropped by the office around 4:30 pm Thess and Anne were there enslaved in front of the computer (its Saturday by the way and work days are M-F). I promised them that I’d bring Barry since this was the last time they would see him and of course they were not disappointed when they saw him. So finally I did my last turnover with Ghe (my replacement) and that was it. Finished! Officially unemployed, a STATISTIC. Errands never stop do they…since my mom just informed me that we would be going to a relatives wake, being a obedient daughter... Off I go…drive and drive away


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