Saturday, October 30, 2004

Lea's Home for Christmas

Lea Salonga will be having a concert by end of this year and I've been anticipating for the details since September (Where? When and How much?). I checked out the ticketnet website yesterday and my enthusiasm was clouded by hesitation. The Patron VIP (very very good seats) costs Php5275/person and the next very good seats Patron costs for about Php3165/person. *SiGhS* As you all know I'm currently a statistic (I'm not employed) ... A drawback... I considered my salary as extra money therefore spending it for watching concerts, plays, a small fraction goes to savings and buying other miscellaneous stuff. Its not that I have no money for the tickets its just that the prices are much higher than I expected. I'm having second thoughts with Php5000 or rather the Php 3000 I could buy DVD's, new rubbershoes or even add it up to my TD. Hmmm.... Although I've been waiting for this since forever .... I'm really having second thoughts....


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