Friday, December 31, 2004

As I Close Year 2004...

This has been a challenging year for me.
Despite the rollercoster ride
There are a lot of precious memories to treasure
New things that I've learned about myself and the world to keep in mind
And my loved ones to keep close to my heart


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Thursday, December 30, 2004

...Starting Over...

Maybe some of my friends are wondering why I didn't greet them this past holiday, well I'd like them to read this and hear my story. I've mentioned in my past entries that I've been very sick since the 1st week of December. I apologize for the detailed narration I'd like to document what happened to me.

24 December 2004 - 8:40 PM

I'm feeling much better the fever left me already. I prepared refrigerated cake for noche buena and I also finished wrapping Christmas gifts for my mom...

My trusty gameboy advance... Keeps me busy throughout this whole affair. After I fed Barry his supper, I sat down on my bed pulled out my gameboy (Battle City) and after 40 mins or so I felt a warm liquid trickling down from my nose, I bled again. Earlier, I was already admitted at the ER (last dec 8) because of nosebleed. This time my nose was bleeding fast that my hand was all covered with blood. My mom insisted that I be rushed to the ER again just to be sure.

At the ER, They just gave 3 doses of Combevent (Nuebo) with 5 mins interval checked my blood pressure and again checked my blood chemistry. I also had an x-ray. My blood chem , x-ray was clear as well as my blood pressure so after my nuebo I was again discharged. I was instructed to take another dose of combevent after 6 hrs. After the 3 doses of combevent I was feeling slightly dizzy and light headed and I was asking my Tito Ric ( since he is also asthmatic and is taking the same drug) if its normal to feel dizzy afterwards.

For my nochebuena, I only had 2 ham sandwiches and a cold glass of water. My cousins went over and we played bridge. Six hours went by and although I was hesitant I still had to take the medicine. Again I felt dizzy light head I decided to got to sleep (its already 6:30 am December 25)

25 December 2004-

9:00 am

When I woke up my head was really hurting, I wasn't feeling dizzy... My head was just hurting so bad precisely the righ-side of the back of my head (not the back of my neck). At first I thought I can handle the pain if I could just lay down and rest for awhile. After a couple of hours I woke -up still with an head ache but now it was much painful. For the first time since I was a kid, I cried out loud screaming "Mama... Mama..." My head was in so much undescribable pain. By then my mom immediately rushed me to the hospital.

3:30 pm

I was wheeled in at the ER still feeling pain with every move I make. The nurse immediately checked my vital signs and unlike my other trips to the ER I felt that my bed was moving fast by this time I was placed in the main ER area. They placed a tube (oxygen) in my nose. The doctor was asking me if I could feel him touching my cheeks, arms and legs with his ballpen.They placed contraptions in my chest (ECG, breathing and heartbeat monitor) and again they had to take my blood chemistry (my 4th time this month). Results were all normal except for my BP which rose to 200 since I hyperventilated because of the pain.

The ER doctor requested that I undergo CT-scan and MRI thus they needed to insert an IV in my left hand. During holidays doctors go out of town/ out of the country and so was Dr. Acampado, my neuro, was on his way to baguio so it took sometime before they found an available nuero doctor. During the whole ordeal I saw familiar faces since I was a former employee, I was the one who recruited the nurse attending me.

After my CT-scan I had a skin test to see if I was allergic to the painkiller that they would give me. When it was clear thay gave me medications through my IV the doctor pulled aside my mom and said that I must be admitted at the MS-ICU. My mom insisted that they not reveal to me the result of my CT-scan but the doctor insisted otherwise. He calmly told me that in the CT-scan result their was blood in my brain and the location of the blood will be more accurate if I undergo another CT-scan aniogram.

Before the procedure Felix (our one and only CT-scan and MRI radiologist in the hospital and also a good friend) explained the 2nd CT-scan aniogram the medicine that will be injected and its effects. The result will take take time since only a neurosurgeon can interpret the film. I was admitted at Bay4 MS-ICU at 10:30 pm and additional contraptions were attached in my body. Reality hit me... and all I wanted to do was to pray.

26 December 2004

I'm feeling groggy and my throat is dry I was advised not to have any food/water intake I could barely open my eyes and speak. I wanted to keep the whole ordeal to the immediate family but I was overwhelmed with prayers and words of concern. I felt I had to call a dear friend, at that time she new that I was sick eversince but she had no idea that I was already confined. I strictly instructed her that she must not tell anyone and abruptly she agreed.

In deed in times of suffering the only thing you can hold on to is your faith, I prayed like never prayed before. Fr. Elmer a close family friend gave me anointing and during the sacrament tears just fell down my cheeks, my mom said not to cry, I replied I'm just so happy that I can start all over. A fresh new start even if its just for a short time.

The 1st diagnosis was Ruptured Aneurysm, but the result of the second CT-scan would determine the next step.

27 December 2004

I'm feelin much better, It's my cousins birthday Today! and she decided to spend the morning here at the hospital. I had alot of visitors today. Starting with Aling Tess, another family friend from the parish, brought me a bouquet of balloons with different shades of purple I was really touched. Ate Rose, my artistic cousin, placed flower stencils?/pictures on the curtains to liven-up the room. I was surprised that Tochi, Bona,Pol and EJ came in with Alex. As I mentioned earlier I strictly told Alex that she must not tell anyone that I'm confined but I'm glad she did. I really miss them the most.

Bona, EJ, Alex, Pol and Tochi
-to be continued-

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Birthday Lynna

Its my sister's birthday today! And I'm still not feeling well. I've always considered my sister as my bestfriend... Although she doesn't know this or rather there is no verbal agreement I always felt that way.
She is special and one of a kind. I often call her Yaya since she is very close to Barry (my one and only baby). She helps me feed, bathe and even train barry. Cheers to you Lynna!


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Monday, December 20, 2004


What a way to end the year.... (singing) You give me fever! F-E-V-E-R! I have fever!


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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tis the season to be jolly- NOT!

Its already 3:36am and I'm still awake! Grr... I've been coughing-like-forever. I've already vomitted twice my throat feels sore from the coughing and vomitting... I just want to sleep! but everytime I lay down I cough and have to go the washroom. Counting down... Its 6 days before christmas... This is my 1st christmas that I didn't shop for gifts since I've been sick. My trip to bacolod...delayed... I was supposed to be there by christmas but since I'm still sick my mom moved it before new year.


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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Another excuse...

I'm not feeling well these past days... My fever went from as high as 40, that was last Monday. It eventually went down next day morning but again went up in the evening. I was rushed to ER this morning ... Since my fever was also accompanied by occasional nose bleeding. My mom thought I had dengge or meninggoc whatever... I had a CBC test and to my relief my platelets are ok, negative of dengge. My mom insisted that I'd be confined but the doctor left the decision to me... And so I wasn't confined.


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