Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Baby Steps

I had my check up this afternoon with my neurosurgeon and ophthalmologist. My neuro gave me a migraine medicine, which is quite interesting since its side effects are dizziness, lost of appetite and drowsiness. The Dosage ( 25 mg) will start from 1st week, once/day, 2nd week twice/day, 3rd week 3 times/day. Strictly advised that If I feel sleepy I must give in and sleep. Hehehe I'm already imagining the state that I'll be in a week from now... in deep slumber. I'm scheduled by the 26th to see him again.

Since I've been confined my vision became blurry hence an additional visit to the ophthalmologist. If my memory serves me correct the last time I had an eye check was during my 1st year in college. The doctors office looked plain and simple but the gadgets that he used was high-tech! I was really impressed. After the tests I was advised to wear glasses and prescribed some medicine drops good for 3 weeks.

I'm not really a big fan of glasses since its really hard to find a good frame that would compliment my round face shape. Unlike others, they probably collect and use it for fashion while I... I'm forced to have one for driving sakes! (yes,I just have 1 pair of shades). I wasn't really looking forward to choosing frames for my glasses good thing the wife of my doctor helped me choose one. I tried a couple of pairs till she said "Wait... That looks good on you!" and I took her advise. I'm not so looking forward to my glasses!

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