Saturday, January 22, 2005

Eyes Shut

by Rose A. Balmes

Whenever I close my eyes
I find myself once again
standing at the edge
The downcast sky pout down
Warning me of its coming rage
Staying unmindful of the strong winds
that are forcing me down to my knees
Undaunted by the deatening thunder,
Unbelieving of the blinding lighting bolts
that are breaching the sky
The heavens vented their rage
Grenching the fiery trees
Beating my helpless body
But still standing on the edge,
Surrounded by red waters
Patiently waiting,
For the time to jump

** Rose or "Ate Rose" as I call her is my artistic and morena beauty cousin. I was browsing through her journal and was asked which among her sketches and poems did I like most. I chose this one and eventually i'd like to scan the sketch that she made.


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