Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Simple Joy of Coloring

I'm currenlty listening to Sarah McLachlan's "Afterglow" which best describes my current state. I've been feelin' sleepy these past few days and I wonder about tomorrow... Dosage would be increased again I'll be taking them 3 times/day.

I'm feeling creative so I bought some coloring books last Sunday. Coloring books are expensive nowadays... I was looking for those jumbo coloring books that my mom used to buy me when I was still little (those were considered serious stuff then along with matching BIG Crayons... hehe). Browsing through I saw a couple of "fake jumbo coloring books" why fake? because way back in my time (GEESH! I'm really getting OLD!!!) They used to make really thick jumbo coloring books not just 1 inch thick books I'm taking about 2-3 inches thick coloring books.I could visualize myself as a little girl begging my mom over and over until she gives in and buy me a copy. Somewhat contented I settled for a more mature fairy themed coloring book. It takes me at least 1-2 days to finish coloring a page since I feel sleepy at times, first 15-20 mins I'm hyped and coloring about... And the next off to ZZZzzZZzzz Land.


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