Saturday, January 29, 2005


Today was a day of FIRSTS, my mom woke me at exactly 8:00 am I'll be driving her to makati. Its been over a 2 months since I driven a vehicle since I got sick. It was also my first time to drive with my glasses on and use the clip on shades. My sight was much better the P4000 glasses were worth every peny. Everything went well... ... I was at first hesitant to further press the gas but in the long run confidence came back and my top speed was 100 at the sky way .

In the afternoon: I was supposed to have my check up last 26 but my neuro rescheduled it this afternoon. The dosage went up I'm now taking 50mg twice a day. My activities are still limitted depending on how the increase in dosage will effect me. I'm still not allowed to go to the gym and go power walking however I can go swiming or jog/walk in the swiming pool if I'd like to do some cardio. HAhaha funny thing is... that I don't know how to swim...... I already have some plans in mind I hope it works. Well all the best of luck to me!


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