Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Leave of Absence

Finally! I'm back! Its been quite a while since I logged on the internet... We were having problems with our phoneline, it has a slow connection and gets disconnected after a fews minutes. My brother who is addicted to ragnarok was very...very.. upset about this hence we opted to subscribe to broadbrand (its about time!).

Just this noon my auntie followed up PLDT for our phoneline repair request which was immediately followed up by a technician calling that he'll be droppin' by this afternoon. If you guys could see the 1000 watt smile my brother had after telling him the good news that our line was already repaired and he was like singing josh grobans you raise me up...?? HahaHa at least he's happy...

By the way I'd like to congratulate my lil bro he had his concert this evening he plays the flute and is a member of the DLSZ Orchestra and good luck on your PEP evaluation day on Monday (yes... he is also a Pep squad member, damn overachiever!).

For this past days that I don't have access to the internet... I've been hooked up playin' SIMS 2 ... Definitely has cooler features that SIMS 1. What else... Oh American Idol 4 I'm an avid fan... I just love Simon Cowell and the talents America has to offer. I have my favorites already in the show, at the top of my list would be Anwar Robinson and the next are as follows: Constatine Maroulis (not my typical type of guy but he is really hot and he has talent), Lindsey Cardinale (heavenly voice...). These three caught my attention during their 1st audition and I hope they'll make it through.

My head has been hurting again especially this week so I opted to just stay at home. Good thing I got to watch Constatine over the weekend before my headaches started but I've been dying to see Phantom of the Opera.

I still have a lot of stuff to tell you guys but this is enough for now hehehe my head hurts better sleep it off. Good night!


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