Saturday, February 05, 2005

Zonder Titel

I had to wake up early today since I'd be taking Barry to the Animal House for his regular grooming, this was the second time that Barry will visit the vet and he HATES going to the vet! He was supposed to be groomed and dewormed last Thursday, the groommer can only accommodate 11 dogs for the day since it takes him at least 1-2 hrs per dog, but unfortunately we were the 12th so Barry just got dewormed and happily went home with a smile on his face. I had a hard time waking up since I slept very late this morning..??? Precisely 1:30 am. My brother have been longing to upgrade this computer hence I've been burning all of my files such as MP3s, Thesis, pictures of Barry! etc. I consumed 3 pcs of 7oo mb disc.

Drumrolls please.... And for the second time Barry got away again... We left much earlier than Thursday but still were the last on the list. My sister said that their was a dog owner who brought six of his poodle's and they would take much longer to groom than any other dog who were there. Once again Barry has a BIG GRIN on his Cute Hairy Face.

I regularly visit the TicketNet website and it has come to my attention that Norah Jones will be having her Asian Tour 2005 and would be having a concert here in Manila and like Lea's HFC I'm having doubts again.
On my previous entry I mentioned that I hesitant to watch Lea's concert but eventually a week before I decided to go and still got good seats. Suprisingly Norah Jones ticket prices for her "good good seats" ranged from P15,000 and P12,000.

These area is being packaged with the following:
Patron VVIP (15T)- Pre and Post Event, Meet & Greet with the Artist, Cocktails and Gift Packs
Patron VIP (12T)- Post Event, acquaintance (no Meet & Greet), Cocktails

It is definitely worth it if you are a "Die hard Norah Jones Fanatic" I however am not one but I do love her music and voice thus If ever I'd watch her concert I'd probably consider the patron seats. By the way I have my 15T ready for Josh Groban's concert. Its funny how I'd ask my sisters opinion or others if I'd watch or not watch a certain play or concert just to probably convince myself more (reassurance) that I'm not wasting money hehehe although deep inside I'm dying to go and watch. Let's wait and see If I'd watch Norah Jones and Beauty and the Beast (the at the Meralco theater but still no sched at the moment hehehe I heard KC Concepcion would play "Belle" Lea Salonga declined the part, Well KC's not bad).


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