Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I decided not to watch Norah Jones instead I'll be buying the boombox that I've been longing to have since highschool. Its just too bad that there was nothing mentioned on TV about Norah Jones Concert here in Manila. I've been doing some research on which brand and model (which I usually do before I buy any gadget) I would buy so by the time that I go to a retail store I wouldn't have second thoughts anymore.

Two months has passed since I processed my clearance for my last pay at my previous job and yet haven't received any feed back as to its status. As to my last inquiry a colleague and a good friend of mine promised to text me as soon as she gets the digits on how much I would receive. I've been there and I have full understanding of how the process is made and how "toxic" HR is... so I don't really mind the delay. Probably I'll give them a holler this week just to see hows everybody doing.

I'm raving about American idol my 3 favorites are in on the final 12. Anwar sang a jaw-dropping version of "What a Wonderful World" after that last note I was just ... Wow...

I'm definitely hooked on watching this season I hope my favorites get a shot at the title, so that I could buy their albums just like my last season favorites Fantasia, too bad George Huff doesn't have a record deal yet.


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