Thursday, March 31, 2005

A day of Rants and Raves

Today was a day of Rants and Raves.

Enumerating the raves, well first I already received my last pay and being true to my promise I bought Sophie her first dress. She has been wearing Barry's t-shirts and has likened one of them "the orange shirt" that she doesn't want Barry to wear them anymore or else they end up running around the house, barking and fighting hehehe very entertaining.

We usually shop at our favorite local pet store and we were trying on clothes for Sophie, Barry was very behaved sitting patiently on a monoblock chair and then I saw this cute blue striped shirt with a matching built in bag I first thought that It was too big for Sophie and as I turn my back Barry flashed his 100 watt smile. Hmmmm.... I said I tried it on him and it fit perfectly.

If you'd notice As you enter my site you'll hear the theme of As told by Ginger I uploaded plus a circle out effect as you enter and leave my blog (cool!!!)
Finally I got to watch the last episode of ATBG!
Here are some snapshots of Sophie and Barry

Image hosted by
Sophie looking all pretty in her ruffles dress

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Barry showing off his new shirt with a built-in-bag

and the Rants...
Anwar was in the bottom three or rather bottom two! not so deserving! although last season Fantasia also had her fair share of the bottom three and now she the "American Idol".
Lea Salonga anounced at our google news group that she would be momentirely retiring from posting/ answering inquires etc. due to some unruly members and I quote:
"It seems that a lot of you guys here know talk a good game; now prove it.I'm tired of the back and forth discussions here of "they should have donethis... the producers were terrible... they could have done better, blahblah, blah..." Since some of you are such geniuses, put the brain power you're wasting on this newsgroup and do something more constructive with your time.
I'm going to retire from this group for a while... you guys have been exhausting."
- Lea Salonga
Tsk tsk tsk....


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