Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Egg Smiley !!!HaPpY EasTeR!!! Cross

We had visitors over today, my cousin and niece, we had a blast just playing around the house. My niece, Nicole, is only 6 yrs old and my oh my once she starts talking nothings stopping her (probably if she drinks water or eat but other than that none) . Whenever there are holidays such as this I always remember little kids. Its quite interesting and very entertaining how they think nowadays. I really love hanging out with them, talking to them, since you can learn a lot of things from the simple facts, current events, weird ideas and YES even gossip.
Before I got sick that's like way back... I had a sideline/partime job as a "Party Host" for Educational Themed parties for kids from simple house parties, clubhouses up to extravagant hotels. Although I won't deny that its very tiring since besides hosting and participating in games I'd also have to assist the kids on how to do the activities (such as painting, crafts etc) and sometimes some kids can be so demanding (especially the spoiled ones hehehe) I was still enjoying and just seeing their smiles, excitement and or hearing their ideas/ thoughts... just very amusing and at the end of the day/party they approach you looking cute and quite messy from all the crafts they made saying: "Bye Teacher Tina" ... and that just sounds soo good to my ears.


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