Thursday, March 24, 2005

I don't have any idea for the title

We are currently observing the "Holy Week". I have collected fond memories/ experiences during this season. Eversince I could remember my mom keeps strict list of "What to Do" during this Lenten season such as:
1. no-meat during Fridays which would be observed ash Wednesday onwards
2. During the actual Holy week no-meat would be observed starting Holy Monday up-till Black Saturday.
3. We go out of town only on Easter Sunday to celebrate.
4. Attend mass and if possible join processions, vigils etc.
5. We were only allowed to watch movies and whatever is on Tv that is Lenten related/ religious.
6. We can't listen to the radio/any happy music.
7. We can't be too loud
8. Reflect and Pray
9. Everyone should be at home.

What a list huh?? but of course over the years there are some adjustments made since were are all grown-up now. We could watch TV and listen to the radio/music but we have to do it discreetly thus turning off the SPACE (surround) sound on my TV as well as adjust the bass and treble on my speaker. Attending Mass and other practices is also optional since my mom believes, and so do I, that we should not force someone who is already matured (held responsible for their actions) to do something that is not coming from the heart and against their will. Up till present numbers 1,2 and 9 are non-negotiable. Last year we celebrated Easter in a private resort with my moms side of the family but for this year we have no plans yet but my mom mentioned or rather gave me a hint that she wants to go to Nasugbu, Batangas. We'll see. I'm still having second thoughts on buying my boombox hehehe... again having second thoughts... Although my mom offered to use my extention card hehehe... I'm thinking of gain investing the money to my TD along with my last pay. Whahhhaaa!!! I was confused then I'm blank.


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