Saturday, March 19, 2005

Je ne peux pas penser de l'un

This was quite a busy day for me I accompanied my mom to Makati early this morning and had 2 appointments with my ENT and Derma. My niece, Nicole, graduated yesterday (primary school) and we were suppose to buy something for her but unfortunately my mom was not feeling well. Good thing we were still in the clinic when her BP went up. So for the rest of the day I plan to just stay at home.

My mom told us yesterday that papa already received a telefax confirming the date as to when he'll be coming home. We are all excited to see papa's reaction since he really adores Barry we are all hoping that he'd also like Sophie. In-line with this papa is also turning 50 this coming May and my mom wants to plan a party for him, inviting papa's side of the Family (that are residing here in Manila) since we rarely see them at all. My mom called my dad "The Golden Boy" hehehe and the way she said that particular phrase just made me laugh, My dad is kinda bald... and I was thinking like Golden Buddha or something hehehehe.

American Idol Update: Lindsey Cardinale was the first one out of the final 12 and I'm sad that I won't be able to see her perform anymore Tsk...tsk.. she really does have a heavenly voice. She got my attention during the auditions when she sang "Standing right next to me" and I was really amazed how deep sexy and sultry her voice is I just hoped that she'd pick good songs /repertoire that showcased her talent but she didn't quite had the right song thus she was voted out. *sad*


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