Tuesday, March 01, 2005

To Do List # 2

Although I'm allergic to dust... I've been dying to renovate my room so I stayed up late last night and got a little carried away with cleaning my room. Its not your typical "Oh its yuck kadiri" type of allergy -I'm really allergic to it... as well as cigarette smoke that with just one breathe of the particles into my system could make me sick! Its as if you're cutting off my oxygen supply- and I'm not exaggerating.

I never imagined that I've collected so much magazines dated back 1999 up till present. Originally I planned to archive the magazines but considering the space that it would take up... not worth it. So I decided to give my magazines (some) to my auntie since she really fancies reading them and getting new ideas for her catering business. Before giving them out I'd be keeping some interesting articles, cute pictures etc. and with a particular scene in the movie "One Hour Photo" starring Robin Williams as inspiration (he posted all of the "5x6" pictures that he collected on the wall) The pages that I snipped out will be placed as a collage on my wall. Nice...

My dad will be coming home by april and I'm excitied to see him since its been 9...10 mos in counting that I haven't seen him. He is the OC GURU when it comes to cleaning the house. I'd like to ask for his help in my goal, renovating my room. Probably get some fresh paint new fixtures hehe by the way my Dad and I painted my room way back then ...12 yrs ago I think... And I also plan to do so.

As of the momment I'll be doing my collage, till then...


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