Thursday, April 28, 2005

Life is full of surprises!

Even before my dad got home, he kept mentioning that he wanted to go home to Iloilo (my parents hometown) while he was on vacation and he is also eager to visit my Lola (my dad's side of the family, actually she was here in Manila last year to have her operation). We were already planning to set a date by next week, when my mom called and said that she already bought one-way airline tickets for tomorrow morning. I was surprised... I was even more surprised and excited than my dad. ...Why... because of my hammock! I absolutely love the hammock at my lola's house. I could just stay there all day fresh air, with a good book, music or just simply stare blanky at the sky. Well this is it for now... I'd have to take my meds so that I can wake up early.


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