Thursday, April 21, 2005


This is my second time typing today's entry. I was supposed to publish this by 6:30 pm but I decided to save it as draft first since Barry kept on barking and making cute faces. I attended to Barry's needs first then went back to computer clicked on edit and ka-poof! The entry was blank! I'll try to recall what I typed...

I'm hooked on watching Reality TV shows American Idol, Amazing Race, The Apprentice to name a few. I find them very amusing and informative.

American Idol: A recap of yesterday's episode, the theme was '70s dance classics night. I enjoyed Vondell's version of “I'm Every Woman”, Anwar's “September” Bo and pouting Constantine performance wasn't bad either. Carrie was ...ok... she has a wonderful voice but she looked stiff and is lacking something. This seasons AI is very unpredictable. The bottom three today was Anwar, Anthony and Scott. I was taken a back when Seacrest said goodbye to Anwar! Totally not deserving... I was really rootin' for Anthony Fegorah to go home. I think some "AI voters" should have their ears cleaned...

Amazing Race: A recap of the latest AR Lucknow to Jodhpur India episode, Gretchen and Meredith's wild elephant ride and the highlight was when Uchenna and Joyce decided to gamble and take the fast-forward. During the elephant ride detour, I was worried with how tired Meredith was from pushing the elephant ride. He was breathing heavily I even thought he was having an asthma attack or something. Good thing they got through it and amazed me with the couple's endurance. They beat Lyn and Alex to the pit stop kudos to you! Meredith and Gretchen! "It is a custom in India to express gratitude for good fortune. To win the Fast Forward each of you must have your head shaved". As they say "A woman's hair is her crowning glory" Joyce impressed me as she sacrifices her hair with out hesitation. The teary eyed Joyce just said "let’s just get through with it!" I hope these 2 teams have a chance to be in the final 3 or better yet win the million dollar prize.

Outback Jack update: Jack, "Vadim" his real name, and Natalie are already engaged!

We are currently experiencing a connection problem with our broadband provider. It's been 2 weeks since we had a last good connection tsk...tsk... I hope they fix it as soon as possible although they have been apologetic about it, but it's just not enough! Give me my 100 mbps back!


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