Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What IFs?

I'm currently watching Hannibal from the famous trilogy of Hannibal Lector series. My sister bought me a couple of DVD's yesterday from a list I gave her, a list of my favorite movies. We picked up Papa from the airport this afternoon. I'm glad that I didn't buy the boombox because papa gave me a small DVD player with speakers thus I can play my CDs and other compilations I made. He adores Sophie since she was very malambing/sweet to papa. Well of course the minute he stepped into the car he was looking for Barry hehehe He really fancies him since Barry was our first house pet. We actually consider them as a member of the family no family vacation is complete with out them. Barrys birthday is coming up... usually I just buy him a new toy or treat for his birthday it was not really celebrated but now its going to be different. He really like Sundae Mcdo and fries and just recently he wanted a taste of whip cream -weird- but adorable. He really is a picky eater he only eats what he wants to eat.. I'm the one to blame I spoil him too much... but its worth it! I really love my baby! If only I knew Barry way back then maybe I'd be Veterinary Medicine student by now... well its not too late either...


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