Sunday, May 08, 2005


If you noticed I have removed Celine Dion's Image in my fanlist area but still remain a fan of her music. If you may ask as to why did I remove the "Image" I was accused of "Hotlinking" the image when in fact I hosted the Image using my photobucket account. I even double checked my previous templates to make sure before I make my move. You may think that I'm making a big deal about this... but when my credibility is on the line and being wrongly accused for that matter really... really gets me fired up. I just wished she politely e-mailed or posted a message on my tagboard regarding the matter to save her the humiliation.

I'm known to have a good temper and an educated lady... but please just this once I'd have to say what I really feel like saying and I hope that this will never happen again.

...You know who you are and I know that your still visiting my blog. keep your pathetic image! saksak mo sa baga mo! walo lang ang members sa fanlist mo ang yabang mo pa! And dear please... before posting anything especially here on the INTERNET check your sources... because I have the decency to do so. On the brighter side thank you for the FREE publicity and the healthy traffic that my blog has been receiving.


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