Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Barry!

Airplane Wishes 2
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.: Barry :.
Wow its been three years and still counting... We started the day with a morning walk with Barry and Sophie then had ice cream for my baby's bday. Barry was happier today, all smiles and playful, since everybody was extra-nice to him than the usual. I gave him his gift late this evening... a set of practice golf balls... the excitement usually kills his appetite since he'll be busy hiding under my bed and playing with his toy.
Regarding my last post, somewhat my alter ego just had to say something... Well... the issue has been already resolved. I've been keepin my opinion to myself eversince I could remember... Its about time to JUST THINK OUT LOUD... and be heard for once ( wahaha eversince I got sick I just realized a lot of things and made amends. This is one of them... so you just have to get used to the NEW me).


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