Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Recent events just made me build up my wall (again) ... way up... further than the Great Wall of China. It's sad really... less and less people can be trusted nowadays. The "most" disappointing is that even those you've considered "FRIENDS" can't also be trusted. Well the experience has been an eye opener and made me closer to my family. Your family is there for you no matter what and I can attest to that.

Again I was hesitant to post this but..what the heck let them read... if they even bother to. I'm tired of forgiving and forgetting, when I know that I can't really forget and when it just keeps on happening. They can talk and say all they want to say behind my back. All I can say is that they just lost my respect and they lost a friend.

I'm moving on... brushing off unwanted elements and looking forward to a new tomorrow.


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