Friday, May 27, 2005

Suplise! Surprise!

The surprise was a success!

THE PLAN for his 50th birthday: To have a big party and invite all of my dad's relatives without him knowing. "The day" was fast approaching he kept mentioning about what we would do on his birthday but nobody was listening and just simply ignored the topic. While we we having dinner my mom asked if it was ok to have their "prayer meeting" at our house on my Dad's birthday since the Chapel was already occupied (which was true). He abruptly agreed and was already planning as to the seating arrangements etc. My mom just let him worry not mentioning that everything has already been arranged, from the seats, guests, menu etc.

Although things didn't came out as exactly as we planned wherein all of the guests as a group would surprise my Dad instead some guests arrived 2 hrs early and the rest just keep coming on their own convenient schedule. The funny thing, "the catch", was my Dad was surprised as his Cousins, Uncles and pamangkins ( on his side of the family, he rarely gets to see them since he has been working abroad even before I was born) arrived one-by-one. He even told them that there would be a prayer meeting afterwards and that if its ok for them to join ( now of course the prayer meeting was postponed for another day) It didn't sink in until all of the guests were there, that was the surprise. My dad really likes entertaining guests Whahaha I'm the complete opposite. I'd rather have an intimate dinner than a big party. I've never seen our house filled with people this was our first big party eversince my brothers christening and he's like 16 now... O f course the night ended with karaoke being led by Tita Tess, a family friend. The party died down at around 2 am.


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