Saturday, May 07, 2005


It's been a busy week for moi and I still have Barry's birthday and mothers day to think about. Yes you read it correctly it's Barry's birthday on May 10, Tuesday, and he is turning 3 (human time and or 21 yrs old dog time.... hehehe binata na ang baby ko *smiles*). We haven't decided if we are going somewhere to celebrate and or what to do (of course as the eldest I always initiate...).

I'd like to congratulate Champ, batchmate in HR College of Saint Benilde and was a practicumer at AHMC, and his bandmates for the success of their band Hale debut single "Broken Sonnet". I had the chance to watch Myx Live the other day. Benildeans are making their mark in their own way, Animo Benilde!

This is it for now, more updates to come.

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