Saturday, June 11, 2005

Get with the Program!

Late Friday afternoon Former National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) intelligence chief Samuel Ong, who claims to have proof that the President rigged the 2004 elections, appealed to the Catholic Church to take him into its custody since he feels that his life is already in-danger.

"So, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, if you love the Philippines, I appeal to you to resign. You are the source of all the problems of the country. The one sitting in MalacaƱang is not the real President of the Republic of the Philippines" - Samuel Ong
Can every politician and aspiring politician just shut their freakin' mouths! taking advantage of the flashlight or rather the limelight and especially to those who are suggesting that PGMA to resign put a sock into it! Dada ng dada! I'm getting sick and tired of hearing distabilization plots against the president! I sweared before that I won't make a post about politics here in the Philippines but I just can't resist. At first, they claimed that PGMA should step down since her son, Mikey Arroyo and some other Arroyo was involved in "Jueteng". Huh??? I just can't make sense out of that and now an alleged master tape of the conversation between PGMA and a COMELEC official during the 2004 Presidential Elections.

Edsa 1... was an empowering experience, Edsa 2... once again..pwedi pa.... Unofficial Edsa 3... mga KSP alang kwenta ( puro mga bayaran naman ang pumunta!) but another attempt... for the 4th... all because of a tape that hasn't been authenticated... its a case of he said she said. Asking for current Presidents to step down isn't always the solution. If you truly love or care for our country push for the legal process to take place and not just rallying up at Edsa.


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