Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pinoy Big Brother Review

I preferred to watch the 2nd episode before giving my two cents on Pinoy Big Brother, just to be fair since the pilot episode was not impressive. A disappointing pilot! and to think that a 30 min show, commercials included, could be sooo... B-O-R-I-N-G!

Day 1
The 1st challenge (it includes mud and pigs) that they had was a lousy excuse just to have the housemates pump water out of a deep well (poso) and bathe with their clothes on. While bathing... so to speak... the cameras were focusing on g-strings peeping out of the pants/skirts of the female contestants. All cleaned up, they had to get out of their wet clothes and wear bath robes and then again a camera zoomed in to a female housemate whose nipples were noticeable under the robes. The people running the show seems to have a low regard of its audience by having cheap gimmicks (making the Pinoy audience look like a bunch of peepingtoms). Sex sells but mind you... that is not always the case. ABS-CBN are you that desperate...

My sister, brother and I were playing Pusoy Dos at our room. After watching Enchantadia I quickly clicked to Pinoy Big Brother and after 7 mins or so they begged me to just turn the TV off. I'm just giving you the big picture, that's how bad it is... Being the eldset and with the remote in my hand I just ignored them, hoping that day 2 would be better.

Day 2
By this time I know who and when they lost their virginity. Activities for the day would include bathing half-naked, soaking wet in the pool and body painting each others stripped bodies. There's this particular group of people who likes to talk about sex, guys... substance please.
Considering that there are 12 fairly attractive people together in one roof for 100 days, romance is inevitable. There are possible relationships brewing inside the house so they don't have to stress that "idea" too much, lets just wait and see (its like a Piolo Judy-Ann love team pinipilit ibuild up, bakla naman pala si Piolo).

PBB in general. Consistency of Big Brother's voice , sometimes his voice makes him sound like a Gay Brother. Give The Housemates equal airtime, favoritism is quite obvious (Rico... rico.. and Chx... then rico again... and knowing ABS they tend to be like that) a housemate got sick they should have developments about that person rather than stressing the "rico and chx" love team. Improve camera angles. Extend air time and create more challenging tasks for the housemates. Finally, the 24/7 live feed from PBB website must be free for Filipino viewers, at the rate your going no one ( in his right mind and with the country's economic status) is going to pay in DOLLARS just to watch boredom.

Just had to say whats in my head, I hope they improve.


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