Monday, August 22, 2005

Tidbits and stupid questions

Just woke up and I couldn't sleep anymore... I thought I'd better update my blog. I've been really a bad person lately by inflicting pain or rather burden myself, how so? You see I haven't been wearing my glasses on a regular basis since I got them thinking that I still can manage or somewhat see clearly. As a result this past few weeks my vision became blurry but still I did not put them on. Hehehe Pasaway!

I've been driving around without my glasses on and I couldn't barely see the faces of the pedestrians passing by, as well as the plate numbers of the vehicles in front. Especially If I drive at night I couldn't figure out street signs etc. I usually tag along my sister with me when I go around and I'd always ask her "Could you see his/her face?" or ask "What is the Plate Number of the vehicle in front/beside of us?" stupid as it may seem but the questions I had ask her would usually be followed by another stupid question "Why can't I see them?" my sister would reply "ATE you are not wearing your eye glasses! that's why you can't see clearly". Maybe I'm still in denial that I already need to wear glasses.

Note to t-na: You are already getting older like it or not , everybody gets old even Barry, we all have to make some adjustments and wearing glasses is one of them. (**)

This evening is the premiere of the Pinoy Big Brother in Studio 23. I'm quite intrigued as to how and if the concept of "Big Brother" would work here in the Philippines given that liberated as we think we might be there are of course still restrictions. The last show that I watched that has the closes concept ... survivor maybe or the show in MTV's real world?? Big Brothers concept would be 12 complete strangers placed in 1 house for 100 days of isolation from the outside world. No phones, newspapers, radio or television sets and no contact with their loved ones. Pinoy Big Brother is someone who sees everything they do. He guides, challenges and inspires?? (the confessional booth, maybe). The housemates will take on challenges and will be place under the scrutiny of a 24/7 broadcast on national television. The last housemate who will be left in the house would win P1Million, a brand new car and a house & lot. Lets see if show turns out for the better or if it flops...

Moving on... since we are on the reality TV streak.

Amazing Race: The Family Edition would start on September 27!!! can't wait to watch the 1st episode. I browsed through the website and they already posted the pictures and a brief background of the families that joined. I was somewhat surprised to see very young contestants. The youngest is Austin, 8 yrs old, of the Black family and next would be Carissa, 9 yrs old, of the Gaghan family. The immediate reaction would be... could they compete with the other teams, would their age and size be to their advantage or disadvantage. Well you really can't tell right? remember Charla from Amazing race 5. Although their group was the 6th to be eliminated I was actually impressed with her determination. If I were in her situation entering the AR5 would never-ever enter my mind but then again she is older and more mature compared to the kids. Well I guess we all have to just wait and see.

And now lets go to sports...

Another boxing Idol has been added to my short list of the must see fights: Laila Ali
As you all know I just recently discovered my love for "boxing". I already heard of Laila well mainly because she is The Great Muhammad Ali's daughter but that concept all changed after I watched a replay of her fight with Toughill, she was on fire! Laila stops Toughill in the 3rd round, tko, retaining her WIBA Super Middleweight title and making her the first woman to hold a WBC championship title. I was sooo impressed! It's really different to read about how great a person vs seeing them in action.

This is it for now... hopefully I could give my feedback on Big Brother later this evening.

**Noted: Before I typed my entry I wore them (the glasses) and again a stupid thought... oo nga ano biglang luminaw

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