Saturday, September 10, 2005

More on PBB

This morning, my sister and I decided to go out for breakfast, as well as to do some errands while it is still early. It slipped off our minds that the local pet shop was still closed at 8 am, so we decided to visit our cousin’s store. My cousin, Ate Rose, is opening her “Paseo” rice bowl and rotisserie store at #116 Aguirre st. Parañaque (their Chicken and BBQ are to die for…plugging…plus their meals are budget friendly, less than 50 bucks).

Today is also the first of many evictions in the Pinoy Big Brother’s House (PBB). The housemates nominated for eviction are: Rico (Big Brother nominated him), Franzen and Racquel (both nominated by the housemates). Based from the final tally, Franzen got the most number of votes with 79%, Racquel 11% and Rico got the least number of votes, 10% of the total votes. Rico had to leave the house. A number of the PBB viewers (based on the TV interviews) were shocked that Rico was evicted and not Racquel but I was actually expecting this one. Franzen’s landslide of votes has a lot to do with the networks efforts to make Franzen the typical “jologs”, the underdog, the one who needs the money as if his life depended on it. Racquel on the other hand (although she got the highest nomination points from her housemates) performed well in the tasks and never complained. Rico was the 1st housemate nominated by Big Brother. He violated a number of the house rules, as well as rules imposed during assigned tasks. Big Brother was right he has to leave the house.

The eviction night was spoiled by no other than Willie Revillame, one of the hosts of PBB tasked to interview the housemates, their relatives and as well as announce who will be evicted. He lacks the charisma and appropriate spontaneity. Besides not giving the housemates equal airtime with regards to the Q&A portion, he asks questions that lack in substance or sometimes irrelevant. I think Mr. Willie ought to take classes from Speech Power since he tends to eat and garble his words (usually after he speaks… my sister and I ask in unison “Huh? What did he just say??). ABS CBN management I think you ought to require Willie to watch PBB. As soon as he finished asking Jason he said “Thank you JB” hehehe and he even repeated this again after he was corrected. There’s this incident where he reminded the televiewers that they still have a minute to vote for their favorite housemate then after a few seconds… “I already have the envelope, containing the results. He made it look like the network was milking money from the last votes, votes that would not matter since he already has the envelope. PBB failed to bring in the suspense and excitement in the announcement of Rico’s eviction.

Amongst all of the negative feedbacks, there were improvements since the pilot episode such as Big Brother’s voice (not gay brother anymore), camera angles are much better.


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