Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rockstar INXS Finale

After a long wait INXS will finally be complete, ready to finish their album and hit the road on a worldwide tour in January 2006.

Performances for the finale were divided into two parts. First part, the final three performs a song of their choice (picked from any song performed during the season) then INXS will choose the rockstar who is NOT fit for the band. MiG, the first to perform, chose Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", next was JD and he chose The Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want", lastly Marty performed Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Surprisingly, JD and Marty went acoustic and MiG gave a” somewhat theatrical” performance but they never failed to give the audience a good show. Tim announced the Rocker who is not right for their band and they chose MiG, as I predicted. (MiG is a talented singer/songwriter/a great performer but he just lacks something… I just can’t pin point).

Second part, the final two will sing with INXS. Marty gets to sing 1st with the band, they performed "Don't Change”. JD followed with "What You Need."
Tim, before announcing the band’s choice, tells the final two they have been a pleasure to work with, but only one can front INXS. He complimented both Marty and JD on how they greatly improved. Tim said “BuJD's J.D. who is the right singer for INXS”. JD falls to his knees when he heard his name, tears trickled down his cheeks. Tim asks Marty if he'd consider opening up for INXS on their world tour, and Dave offers to play guitar when Marty records an album.

I was rooting for Marty but when they performed their new single, "“Easy Easy"”, I finally understood why they chose JD.


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