Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just a Random Thing

I haven't posted anything here for over a week, not because of non-existent thoughts and ideas, it's actually the complete opposite. Every time I attempt to post it here my mind goes...blank... thus I decided to take it slowly, one idea at a time.

Last Friday, the start of SM Southmall's 3-day sale, my brother lost his mobile phone to a "pickpocket". This was the 3rd time he lost his phone and for the month of September this was the 2nd time, just really bad luck. I myself was a victim of "pickpocket" twice. My first mobile phone Nokia 5510 and lastly a Nokia 6600 *ouch*. I lost my 5110, four years ago, at Astrovision Southmall and 6600, two years ago, at ATC National Bookstore. Good thing that I have a G-Plan thus I can retrieve and still use my number, incase of loss. We usually don't make an issue out of this, you just have to calmly say that you lost your phone and narrate as to what happened just so that we are aware and we could update our respective address books.

A few months ago my sister witnessed, first hand, some robbers/snatchers at work. My sister and a couple of her friends were having coffee at Alabang Town Center’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, there were only 3 tables occupied at that time. The table adjacent to where they were staying was occupied by two middle-aged women, they were the snatchers target, and the other table was occupied by another group of people. The coffee shop has see through glass for walls and is located at “Corte de las Palmas”. There were two people outside waving and somewhat already creating a scene that all of the people inside the coffee shop, out of curiosity, were already looking at them. While this was all happening a man, who was already in his late twenty’s, slowly approached and grabbed the bag of the middle-aged woman. My sister, who was not looking at the scene outside, stood up, pointed her finger and shouted “I saw that!” The man dropped the bag, attempted to run but the barista caught him. My sister, the two middle-aged women and the snatcher was brought to ATC’s Security Office. An office personnel automatically recognized the “snatcher”, he was also caught before. He said that the snatcher’s “modos- operandi” (how they steal) is that they come in groups, distract the target before they steal away the victim’s bag or mobile phone. My sister has already given her statement and asked if she be excused.

If I was my "old self" I'd probably advise that "Maybe the person, who stole your or my phone, badly needed the money. Maybe his/her mom is sick and needs to buy medicine or maybe he/she has to pay for his/her own education". Well, If you'll ask me now...What ever I said before is crap! Cause for whatever reason a person must not steal someone else’s money, mobile phone etc. The “culprit” should also consider the victims, that like them, they are also striving to live and to provide for their everyday needs and for some their Family’s needs.

It’s really disappointing to think that Las Piñas and Alabang were once a quite and safe place but now are swarming with pickpockets and hoodlums. What ticks me off the most is when "the person who stole" your phone still uses your number! Don’t they have the decency to at least change the number…?

In relation to my brother’s lost mobile phone last Friday, you see as the eldest I have taken it upon me to register my siblings’ mobile numbers to My Family Globe Tracker, I tried to locate the stolen phone. The tracker replied “The unit is currently turned off”, just to double check I decided to call my brother’s number and was surprised to hear it ringing. A woman answered:

Woman: “Hello”
Me: “Who are you?”
Woman “Hello”
Me: “Who are you?”
Woman: “My name is Abigail, who is dis?” (My spelling is not wrong that was how she pronounced the word “this”)
Me: “I’m expecting my brother to answer, why are you taking this call?”
Woman: …silenced… for a few seconds
Me: “I’m expecting my brother to answer, why are you taking this call?”
Woman: “Who is dis, who’s your brader?” (My spelling is not wrong that was how she pronounced the word “this” and “brother”)
Me: “Philip”
Woman: …silenced… for a few seconds
Me: “The nerve… you stole my brother’s cell phone and your still using his number?” ang kapal ng mukha mo!
Woman: “How are you siyur?” (My spelling is not wrong that was how she pronounced the word “sure”)
Me: “This number is in my address book named after my brother and this number is also registered to my family tracker, ang kapal talaga ng mukha”
Woman: “Talk to your brader!”
She turned off the phone.

She answered the phone with an aggressive tone and tries hard to speak in English so I went along for the ride. I was puzzled as to the text that I received from tracker, the unit was off, versus the call I made. I double checked the number I called using my sister’s address book and it turned out, the number I called was the 2nd mobile phone that was stolen from my brother. Ahah! I again tracked the number and “Abigail” is in the general area of/near RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave. cor Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. (Buendia Ave.) Salcedo Village, Makati City.


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