Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Last laugh is mine!

I won't be able to post anything here for a couple of days *sighs* and I actually have the silliest story and reason behind my sudden deprivation to access our computer, desktop computer to be precise.

Strike One:
My little 16 yr old brother (the youngest and although he's taller than me, eleven inches at that, I'd still like to call him my little brother) and I had an argument last Sunday. My niece who was visiting us that day asked for my help in finishing her Philippine Flag project. I agreed to help her and enthusiastically started the project. I wanted to use MSword and print out the stars and sun shapes for uniformity. I was also hesitant as to how many rays of the sun our Philippine flag had, it was a battle between 8, 11 and 12 rays (hey it's been quite a while that I haven't seen the flag nor sang the national anthem) thus I also wanted to search the web for the remaining details. My brother, a Ragnarok addict, was using the desktop computer and playing... ragna, what else. I politely asked him if Nicole and I could use the computer for her project and he responded with a low voice "NO, You can't". I pleaded that we wouldn't take long we just really need to print a couple of pictures. He again disagreed and said "maghanap kayo ng map, nandun yun (Find a map, you'll find details about the flag there)". My previous disposition suddenly tainted by his rude responses. I argued that I don't have a map of the Philippines and that if by any chance that anyone has a map it would be him, since he still in highschool. I told him to produce the map and he argued that "Hindi naman siya ang may kailangan bakit siya ang maghahanap (I'm not the one in need, why should I find the map for you)" and I argued "You suggested it, you find the map". I decided to walk away and just end the conversation.

Strike Two:
Later that evening, I just came home from my aunt's house to drop off Nicole. Since my sister and I missed the PBB nomination night, we had a healthy discussion about the 5 housemates that were nominated. My brother was in our room (he sleeps at our room ever since the aircon was installed) already lying in his cushion bed after eating his pasalubong. He was making a big fuss on how he wanted to sleep early but Nicole was around. One of his pet peeves is Nicole. Although Nicole tends to be really naughty and is a drama queen in the making, bottom line is she is just a kid and we as adults just have to guide and correct her "not so nice deeds". Well... JC being our youngest is definitely the spoiled one in the family since he can almost get away with anything he wants, even my mom can't control him. Maybe he is threatened by the attention that nicole is getting from us, especially my mom. My effort to further prevent a squabble between us and opted to got outside our room and use the desktop computer. He followed me to the computer and began pressing "Alt F4" closing all the windows that I opened. We again argued, he wanted to use the computer and I said I thought you are already sleepy, I stood my ground just continued as he pressed "Alt F4". My bubble popped as I utter the words "Ikaw nalang ang magcomputer, Wag kang makapasok pasok sa kwarto ko! and I banged the door. I even bought my brother his request hot fudge sundae at mcdo and this is what I get.

Strike Three:
He placed a password at our desktop computer... a very childish and ungrateful gesture. I'll try to understand him but for now I despise him... And would promise revenge Harhar the last laugh is mine! (talk about being mature huh?, desperate times call for desperate measures!)

Note: The desktop has 24 broadband internet access and my laptop is still in hibernation. The reason that I was able to post this was with the help of my mom and allies here at the house. till next...

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