Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12 Day Christmas Countdown and Some Technical Difficulties

After 29 days ... Finally I am back! This is so far the longest blogging hiatus I've had. Many factors contributed to my non-existent posts. Let me enumerate a couple of them: I just came from "somewhere" and I enjoyed my short trip. We changed our internet service provider from wireless broadband to DSL, Meridian to PLDT DSL. We were not satisfied with our wireless internet since the connection was really really slow during daytime, not gaming friendly (well that is according to my Ragnarok addict brother) and I was a frequent caller on their customer service hotline. Although I commend Meridian for having customer-friendly CSR assistants. We decided to apply for DSL instead. All in all it took us two weeks to process the DSL application as well as "the waiting period" for the PLDT technician to install the device. My brother also had to reformat and totally erase everything form the desktop computer because of a "Worm infection" from Jaypee's (my other brother) USB stick. Hehehe just really bad luck which eventually led to good luck at the same time.

Not being able to have a stable internet connection I decided to write and document my "blog entries for the day" in MSWord, just for now until I can post in blogger. So don't be surprised if a couple of posts pop-up from no-where.

I already started my year-end cleaning this will keep me busy for a couple of days. The countdown starts --12 days till Christmas. My mom just recently had the Christmas party in one of her "prayer groups" and they liked my "Pancit Molo". My now famous "Pancit Molo" was requested at our local parish as one of the "Simbang Gabi merienda" which would be sold during the 9 nine days of simbang gabi. I smell a "business opportunity". Pancit Molo is a signature dish of Illonggos', it's usually ground pork wrapped in wanton cooked in broth. This was the first dish that I learned to cook at the age of 10.

I often wondered how the song "Twelve Days of Christmas" could be applied. Would the Phrase "On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree." apply this 13th of December or would it apply to the 25th of the said month. I wonder... What do you think? Can anybody enlighten me about this?


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