Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thoughts on Paper (blog)

Last Saturday, I was making embotido for our "Noche Buena" feast when my mom approached and gently stroked my hair. "Remember where we was last Christmas?" my mom softly spoke as she continued to gently touch my hair. I politely smiled as I mixed the ingredients together. If by any chance that you haven't read my entries December of last year, my mom was referring to my whirlwind sickness which eventually led to my MS-ICU confinement.

For some reason I didn't want myself to be reminded of what happened but I can't help it. Rather than avoiding the topic I opted to create this entry, face on I re-read the entries I've made last year. The first thought that came to me? "At that time I really thought that I was going to die" with all my strength I asked my mom if we could pray. After a year, obviously I didn't die but the ordeal left me with migraine attacks, heightened fear of heights, now and then memory lapses and the prescription glasses.


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