Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

So far this is the first birthday that I skipped the candle blowing by mere coincidence. The store where we bought my favorite carrot cake didn’t have “23 candle.” I was actually looking forward to it, for nostalgic reasons. Ever since I was a kid “the candle blowing” on your birthday was something you’d look forward to. Everybody sings “the birthday song” aloud and stops as you innocently close your eyes make a wish and then you blowout the candle/s, officially making you a year older.

Despite the absence of the candle ritual I enjoyed my day. I opted for a simple celebration. We just had pancit malabon, carrot cake, chocolate carrot cake (as per request of my siblings), ice cream, grilled stuffed pusit (squid) chicken and liempo. I’m happy that my dad is here with us (especially on my birthday) and much happier of what I received for this special day. My dad gave my room a makeover! He bought me a new bed, replacing the not so old one with a sturdier Narra. Rather than repainting my room in white (again) I came up with the design which played with the different hues of green (my new favorite color). I was so pent up on painting my room with my dad. At first he let me dab a little but then he got too neurotic about the project and decided (without consulting me) to go solo. My dad is definitely your typical handyman; he’s like the energizer bunny. He keeps on going… and going… and going… he can’t stand to be stagnant. Never the less it turned out great. The makeover isn't nearly finished since I still have to get rid of my other closet and organize a couple of things. I want to add some more pizzas by getting a desk table, a nightlight which goes with the “green theme” of the room. I’d like to refresh my sewing skill and customize curtains and pillowcases. This sudden gush of ideas is a result of watching too much “lifestyle channel” and finally applying the stocked knowledge. Not useless after all…

Happy Birthday to me!


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