Friday, January 20, 2006


At last I've finally persuaded (I'd like to think that I did) my sister into joining the ever-growing blogging community. She came out with the concept or rather finally found her "muse" for her blog and I helped her from there. Lynna tends to be lazy at times... hence I lent a hand and offered my expertise (oh baH! I'd like to think that I am one, spare me this moment). I am very happy of how good it came out, I really love tinkering with other people business... Especially if it involves my siblings. I'm definitely looking forward to her entries, unsaid thoughts, ideas, her hopes and dreams... *smirks* As if we don't see each other, sleep in the same room, talk about sister stuff etc. I guess that's just not enough. Now the only thing thats left are her entries "be filled with entries" since she really tends to slack off.

Feel free to vist her blog:I Saw The Strange Little Girl


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