Sunday, January 22, 2006

Manny Pacquiao

Woke up early to day for the Pacquiao-Morales match. My parents, uncle and cousin on the other hand had tickets for the big screen uninterrupted version of the fight. If I’m not mistaken they paid 300 bucks per seat. I don’t mind commercials; I can spend the 300 on other important items. The program started with Jimrex Jacas’ winning TKO. It’s his international debut fight with Mexican Geronimo Hernandez, he’s a promising fighter. Pacquiao-Morales bout surpassed the crowds’ expectations, considering that they were both great fighters in their respective turfs. They exhibited great sportsmanship and just gave their very best. It was noticeable that Morales’ endurance was quickly fading round after round with Manny attacking his body. Never the less he still fought even after he dropped or rather lost his balance. Finally, under a minute remaining in the 10th round Pacquiao finally put away the valiant Morales when he dropped him with a left. Morales still stood up at the count of nine, but Pacquiao quickly punches and again plummeting Morales, prompting referee Kenny Bayless to stop the fight.

Here in the Philippines, the media can’t help but make a big circus out of this event. Good thing Manny won or else all of that hyped media would just be wasted.


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