Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Unexpected Visitor

Early this morning while most of the family members are still in deep slumber, Tita Mercy and I went about with some morning chores. She went out the front door to unlock the gates and I was preparing breakfast. “Come here, we have a visitor” she said as she entered the main hall. Wondering who it was, I went to the living room to greet the “visitor.” My aunt held her hand up and I saw a beautiful butterfly. I haven’t seen a butterfly for a very long time and I felt joy and excitement, as if I was a little girl, as I gazed upon such beauty. My aunt mentioned that “someone” came here to visit us. The “someone” she was referring to was probably a soul of relative who passed away. I immediately thought of my cousin who passed away of dengue last year. The butterfly didn’t even budge considering that I had to take my camera-phone closely when I took its photo. It only startled when Sophie wanted to take a closer look. The butterfly flew across the room and landed on the curtains. It stayed inside the house for a very long time until it just disappeared later this evening.

Could it be possible that a butterfly indeed symbolizes a visiting human soul, a loved one who passed on to another life? I searched the net about the butterflies and I’d like to share some of the myths I’ve found.


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