Saturday, February 25, 2006

American Idol 5

They are down to twenty as two contestants from each group bid farewell to their idol dreams. The first to be eliminated, the sultry Becky O'Donhue who sang "Because the Night" garnered the lowest vote. She definitely has a pretty face, the x-factor and her recent elimination just opened more doors of opportunity, it's not the end for her. Bobby Bennett, garnered the lowest vote for the male group, he sang "Copacabana". As far as the judges were concerned Randy and Paula claimed that his performance was very entertaining, of course Mr. Cowell's reaction and I quote "Entertaining, horror movies entertain me" followed by another "Somewhere in Las Vegas there's a man screaming, It was a nightmare that have Barry Manilow screaming in horror". Simon Cowell is just priceless he should come up with a compilation of all his one-liner wonders.

I spoke too soon, just when I suggested the book of Simon's one-liner wonders look at what I found at Amazon "I Hate to be Rude, But... The Simon Cowell Book of Nasty Comments by Tony Cowell". It hasn't been released yet. If the reviews are good then I'll consider reading it, I could just imagine myself laughing with every turn of the page. Isn't it obvious that I'm one of the few who appreciates Simon, AI is less entertaining with out him.

Moving on, the next to say goodbye was Stevie Scott. Being able to sing in four different languages and classically trained, I guess it's just not enough. I was looking forward to her performance, curious on how she will apply her unique background. She rendered her version of Josh Groban's "To Where You Are", I literally closed my eyes in embarrassment for her. It was definitely a wrong choice of song, and as her last hoorah she tried to sing with her normal voice proving once again that America's viewers made the right choice. The last contestant to bid goodbye was Patrick Hall with his rendition of "Come to My Window". I didn't expect Patrick in the bottom four, I was rootin for David to go.

Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Ayla Brown are my bet for the coveted American Idol Season 5. Katharine left an impression since the auditions, had a rocky Hollywood-hell week but proved that she belonged at the top when she sang "Since I Fell for You". Taylor took my breath away when he walked through the final top 24 selection while playing the harmonica, such passion. Although others might say that he is weird or is just another Ray Charles, I beg to differ his o' natural pure talent. Ayla surprised me with her rendition of Christina Aguilera's Reflection, she just have to be consistent and choose good songs, no doubt she could be in the finals.

For some reason I really don't like Ace Young, he is like a Constatine wannabe, especially when he did that eye thingy... Undeniably he has the look but whenever he performed he makes me think of "boyband".


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