Thursday, February 23, 2006

JTOL: A Makeover

I've been brewing up two new layouts for my blog, it's between this and an Audrey Hepburn one. Yes another Audrey one, I just adore Ms. Hepburn. This is to make up for not regularly updating my blog, there were days when I chose to play Sims 2 instead of posting. I decided to post this layout just to keep it fresh. Well for those who are playing Sims 2 you can understand where I'm coming from, it's really addictive, so whenever I get the chance to use the desktop I'd always end up playing Sims. There is still a glich in this layout. If you noticed the comments area cannot be viewed unless you click the title in "previous posts" and then make a comment. I'd be fixing that but my Sims are calling me. Hehehe.

I've been reading posts from the fabulous bryan boy and in his recent post someone made a comment about BB not posting regarding the Leyte tragedy... Well dear I am too guilty of such but haven't you considered that it's our choice as the blogs owners/authors to post topics that we think/ feel that we need to post. I for one feel sorry for what happened but I chose to not express it in my blog, I don't want to open my blog and be literally reminded of what happened. It's too depressing. Plus the different politicians and wannabees riding on this tragedy. Especially that Dinky Soliman, the one with the fake colored clip on hair a member of the famous Hyatt ten. Now she deserves karma, She blames the government for what happened? She was a part of that government, why didn't she do anything when she was holding her post as the secretary of DSWD and now she points her finger? the nerve. Well she hasn't been closely watching the facts. Fact: They were warned and evacuated but they still chose to come back to the "landslide prone area" during the day and came back to the relocated site to spend the night. Too bad the landslide struck around 1o am, It was just bad luck. Instead of collecting different colored clips you should probably re-think of doing something productive rather than playing the his/her fault game.


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