Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thoughts for the day: Philippine Politics and Lola's 80th Birthday

Yesterday my lola (grandma) Loring, aunt and niece from Iloilo arrived for my lola's 80th birthday party/ reunion. It was more convenient for them to fly here rather than other way around. This will also serve as a reunion for my mothers' side of the family, a reunion of all 8 children and a chance to meet all my cousins. So far the venue is still not settled, it's either here in Las Pinas or in Alabang, I'd actually prefer the party to be held here so that I won't have to leave Barry and Sophie at home and since Lola is staying with us.

I had to take some antihistamine tablet to calm down my sniffles, so by the time that they arrived here I was already in ZZzzZ Land. I instantly recognized lola's voice as she entered my room. "Tulog pala si Tin-tin (Tin-tins' sleeping)" she gently kissed my forehead and tucked me in my bed, that was a priceless moment for me, rather than waking up I choose to continue half-sleeping.

The moment I had was interrupted by the loud voice of my aunt barging in my room, as if I was not asleep. "Ano nangyari dyan?!? (What happened to her?!?) Yes, with an exclamation point! I wanted to talk as if I was disturbed and say "Isn't it obvious? natutulog ako?!?" ( Isn't it obvious, I'm trying to sleep here) also with an exclamation point. Keeping in mind that I still have a little respect for her I kept it hush-hush and just continued on half sleeping and listening to her blabbering away. The hi's and hello's turned into a healthy discussion about politics here in the Philippines. They bashed that Gloria Arroyo has to step down and that the announcement of "state of emergency" as a interlude of GMA announcement of a marshal law. I and my sister (with my influence of course) are the lone GMA supporters in my family. If I wasn't trying to act sleeping, they'll be hearing me out.

If you've been reading my previous posts I have freely expressed my support for GMA. I voted for her last 2004 elections, from the jueteng controversies, hello Garci scandals up to the present "kuhdeta threats"she still has my vote. She is the "best" option that we all have right now. I won't risk another take over by who? Noli de Castro? Legarda (though I voted her for VP)?, Lacson?, Honasan? Villanueva? Corry? or worst another Estrada? I don't think so! another revolution is not the solution to our countries' rollercoaster politics. I'm really hating ABS-CBN right now, their news is so bias and how some of their news anchor spill their personal comments on air. They manipulate the facts and stress certain words that would send an obvious message that things are getting worst and GMA should step down, I feel that their trying to entice the "masa" or the viewers. That is why I prefer watching CNN, GMA 7 and ANC. Just when the economy was starting to heat up, some ambitious people use pathetically EDSA's commemoration for rallies to emerge, blaming GMA for poverty, corruption, crime and declining economy. Even before GMA had a shot at presidency those problems I've mentioned are as old as the republic. Rallies, power grabbing selfish politicians and wannabees, destabilization plots, kudeta's are the reason that we are not progressing. There are no short-cuts to our countries' problem. We are all too busy scrutinizing and playing the blaming game, rather than contribute to our Pilipinas welfare.

My sister mentioned about an essay a korean boy wrote about the Philippines political crisis.He said that we lack genuine nationalism, I am also guilty of such and maybe we all deserve what is happening to us now.


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