Wednesday, March 22, 2006

American Idol 5 - Songs of the 50's

The songs are from the 50's and this weeks musical guest is Barry Manilow. The contestants flew to Las Vegas to meet Barry and work with him with their chosen piece. Yah, I have heard a couple of his song my dad used to play when I was still little but last night he just amazed me, no wonder he lasted this long. The way he arranged the songs for each contestant, injecting a special touch to each piece. I also like the way he encouraged each contestant to make the song his/her own. Barry definitely earned a degree of respect from each of the contestants and as well from moi.

The show started with Mandisa with "I Don't Hurt Anymore". Barry thought that she can sing from any range and an invitation to work for him just incase it didn't work out with American Idol. Mandisa wore a black dress and extra bling which highlighted her beautiful face. Praises from the judges followed Mandisa's standing Ovation performance. "Classy and amazing way to open the show - Randy" " Flawless performance - Paula" and "Blossoming, sexy performance - Simon" Simon just can't help it as he followed thru with "It's like a stripper song and I absolutely loved it". Another wow performance by Man-diva.

Next was Bucky Covingtons' rendition of "OH Boy". Barry thought that the song was too repetitive thus he played with the arrangement of the song. Prior to last weeks comment about Bucky's Jessica Simpson hair, I actually like it he looked nice and neat. I actually enjoyed Bucky's performance. Is it just me... Bucky looks cute and cuter as the weeks progress. Randy welcomed the "old Bucky hair" back and said it was the right song choice for him. Paula thought that Bucky had fun performing. Simon "A reality check - pointless karaoke performance."

Paris Bennett chose the song "Fever" for this weeks 50's theme. I was lookin' forward to this song since I really like it a lot. More or less I had an idea how she would sing this piece since she sang this song acapella in the Hollywood week. Barry was surprised with Paris' depth and power voice, "shocking" was the exact word that he used. So far my favorite performance by Bennett, but I still don't like her. Paris' performance was interrupted by a "Constantine" sighting in the audience, he still looks great but I'm not that so into him as the last season. Another standing ovation by the crowd as the judges made their respective insights. "Experience beyond her age - Randy" "Vocals were impeccable - Paula" and lastly "A great song for Paris - Simon".

"You don't need me, you got it. - Barry" Chris Daughtry's' rendition of "I Walk the Line" by the famous Johnny Cash was rearranged to suite his style. It was just an okay performance for me compared to last week. The judges agreed that it wasn't his best vocal performance but at least he made the song his own. The first ever in AI history a contestant that won't compromise.

One of my most awaited performance Katharine McPhee. She chose "Come Rain or Come Shine." Katharine looked beautiful as usual. The only advise Barry gave to Ms. McPhee was "Just sing it to someone, it helps". The opening of the song was breath taking, her sexy sultry voice just exudes her. The judges couldn't agree with me more. "Wow... You know what once again a difficult song and you worked it out not the best but... - Randy" "Only you can pull a Fritzgerald and with your exquisite look - Paula" and of course "Something happened tonight... You turned into a star, a special category, Loved it." She reminds me of Lindsay Cardinale of last season. I'm definitely looking forward to her album.

"Great voice, he sound so natural. One of the best male vocalist in the show. - Barry" Taylor Hicks, another favorite, chose "Not Fade Away". I love the haircut and the suit that he wore. Paula was groovin' to the beat and the sax was just perfect for the song. Taylor soulful as ever danced and moved. Another standing ovation from the audience. Admittance not his best vocal performance but he just so full of energy. Hilarious comments from the judges followed. Paula " Someone should be shootin' this and make an exercise video out of it, Everyone will just loose weight" followed by Mr. Cowell "Great voice but it was like a party performance, Stop talkin' rubbish Paula, this is not a dancing show"

Lisa Tucker chose an upbeat song which suited her age "Why do Fools Fall in Love". Whenever Lisa's performing I always feel like I'm watchin' Star search, I don't know why. She can definitely sing and has a beautiful voice, I'd actually prefer Lisa over Paris.

Prepare to shed a tear chicken Little Kevin was next. Described as one of the sweetest of all of them by Barry. He chose "When I Fall in Love" which suits his personality sweet-innocent. I bet all of the granny's out there really enjoyed his performance. An unexpected comment from Randy "My favorite song, I see myself in you". Kevin is currently backed up by the "", who previously supported Kellie then as the worst.

Elliot Yamin with "Teach me Tonight". He received praises from the judges but I thought that it was boring and he was disconnected with the camera.

Kellie "Pick Me" Pickler sang "Walkin' After Midnight", good song choice. Better than last week, Pickler is back oozing with charisma. Barry described Kellie's voice as "Natural and beautiful sound. Paula described Kellie as "A tigress, an authentic Pickler performance". I can't believe that Pickler was considered for

Lastly, Ace Young with his rendition of "In the stillness of the Night". A jazzed up version of the song that Mr. Manilow never heard of before. I really don't like him at all, he is just a pretty face. The ending with the round and round camera effect on Ace got me dizzy. Boyband material.


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