Thursday, March 16, 2006

Maki Craving

I've been craving Hanakazu's California Maki Roll and I finally had the chance to get me some! Hanakazu is located at BF Homes ParaƱaque. They serve fresh quality Japanesee food, it's a must try (free ad here, just incase the owner reads this AHhem... Discount card hehehe) . I was surprised that they increased the price since I last ate there a couple of weeks ago... from P180 to P200 per serving (6 pieces). Somewhat dismayed of the P20 increase, as well as the serving became "medium size". Relatively (still) bigger than the usual maki's offered in other Japanese restaurants but smaller than the usual Hanakazu maki rolls I had when it first opened. I feel so helpless, I just keep comparing, I can't enjoy a California Roll unless it's from Hanakazu. Oh bah! might as well savor every bite.

Just Love Them!


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