Monday, March 06, 2006

Sniffles and Bits of Reality TV

I haven't been feeling well for about a week now since I got the sniffles which eventually led to coughing and a sore throat. I'd rather have fever or a headache rather than a sore throat, I just hate it! I can't drink cold stuff, my voice sounds funny - no karaoke, it's been a while actually and I became a phlem factory ...ewww... In a span of 7 days I developed a habit of sleeping early, missing out on quality TV time. I missed watching a couple of episodes of American idol, Pinoy Big Brother and Amazing Race premier 2-hour episode, this really sucks! big time!

I'm reading a couple of forums and watching youtube to catch up on the said programs.

Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition:
Rustom Padilla - "I'm gay, hindi ako masamang tao" words uttered by the teary eyed prodigal son of showbiz. I wasn't surprised when Rustom came out, I always had a hunch that he is gay. Nevertheless coming out on nationwide TV takes guts. Rustoms' confession boosted his chance of staying in the PBB house who garnered the highest text votes at 46.5% , winning the vote of different gay communities/group here in the Philippines. Last March 3 after an interview with "Magandang Umaga Bayan" Robin Padilla barged in Big Brother's house to defend his brother, Rustom, from Christian Vasquez's "misinterpreted drag act"damaged Christians' chance as he garnered the lowest text votes at 13.5%. Rico Robles, nominated twice in a row, was given another shot at the PBB house as he placed 2nd with 40.9% text votes. Rumors spreading about Rico's sexuality has been floating around. Rico is one of the popular RX 93.1 disc jockeys here in Manila, he has a loyal following from his listeners and friends. Rumor has it that the said discjockey also has a secret that he has to disclose following Rustoms' confession, but I'm convinced that he is not gay or bi-sexual.

American Idol 5
A not so amazing week on AI the judges stressed on good song choice. Brenna, Heather, David and Sway were eliminated. Sway the Fil-Am bet has been eliminated, his rendition of Stevie's "Overjoyed" according to Simon is just plain "karaoke singing". Although he is a kababayan, he is not on my list, just like in Jasmine Trias' case when she joined AI. I wasn't really impressed in the auditions alone. Brenna has character and spunk but her voice lacked uhmp... the wow factor. I've been rootin' for David to go, he really does the Frank Sinatra/ crooner thing which limits him to just one genre of music or as an artist. As for Heathers' version of Mariahs' "hero" was forgettable, I barely knew her as a contestant.


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