Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My family and fellow Catholics observe the last few days of Lent or commonly known as "Holy Week". As a family tradition we abstain from eating meat, aside the Fridays after Ash Wednesday, as early as Monday of the holy week. My siblings tend to slack off and get to eat meat whenever they want since they are not a big fan of seafood and vegetables. In an effort to encourage them to practice the tradition, I planned an interesting set of menu throughout the week. We had sushi rolls and the left over tuna casserole today. My first attempt to make my own sushi. It would cost more since you'd have to buy special ingredients but the quantity of the rolls we'll be making is definitely more than what we could order in a Japanese restaurant. We also had tempura the other day, also made from scratch, and my brother just loves them. He actually prefers my tempura vs. the resto tempura. Naks naman! of course just seeing my siblings feast on my creations definitely warms my heart.

One take, that was all that I needed (hehehe yabang!) I'm really a natural at this.


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