Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol 5: Taylor Hicks

The most exciting and entertaining seasons finale so far. I liked a couple of numbers presented such as the AI 5 Girls Medley, Katherine's duet with meatloaf (she complemented his unusual voice quite well), The Clay Aiken impersonation (...Clay looked different...) and seeing Prince on the show (Surprise! I so did not expect that).

As I've mentioned both Katherine and Taylor are my choices from the start. Mr. Hicks winning American Idol 5 did not come as a surprise. I have been visiting a couple of forums and since Elliot left a number of his fans opted to side with Soul Patrol's Taylor Hicks. Although Katherine didn't win the most coveted title of American Idol, it is not the end for our Sexy Sultry Siren. As we speak there are a lot of an album, projects and endorsements lined up for our gal. Oh I can't wait to have her album!

There were a lot of songs Katherine sang which really complimented her voice, ex. It's All Coming Back and Natural Woman. I wished that she sang those songs during the competition. Just when you thought why did she choose to sing it again, there's a possibility that the magic might not work, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" is STILL magical moment for Kat the second time around. The way she sang and interpreted the song, effortlessly magical.

Now that American Idol fever is over... It's the Philippines turn at the Idol competition. Fast track auditions, held at SM Malls nationwide, have started. This coming 27 May PI fast track will be held in SM Southmall, hmm... just out of curiosity I might get a peek or two. I do hope Phippine Idol live up to it's original foreign counterpart and produce quality idols.


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