Thursday, July 27, 2006

2006: The Year of "Coming Out"

Just came from the hospital to pick up mama, who was visiting a relative confined since Saturday. I opted to stay up late cause it's too cold inside my room and despite negotiations my sister still insisted to keep the air conditioning on. I'm having a hard time sleeping because of my three day old colds, my nose just feels so stuffed.

I'm currently checkin my email and I was taken a-back ...

I dub thee "2006 : The Year of "COMING OUT"

A number of foreign and local celebrities decided to finally come out of the closet and proudly announce their chosen sexuality. I just posted an entry regarding Darren Hayes "coming out" and a few days after that another celebrity stepped out of the closet. Whoah, I was surprised, never thought that he was one. Recent revelations only left me with one conclusion : The Gay community has a lot of super fine men, Damn gay guys are hot!

The following male celebrities, foreign and local, decided to finally come out:
1. Rustom Padilla
2. Jared Leto he took it back?
3.Darren Hayes
4. Piolo Pascual ( a good year to finally come out and follow the trend)
5. Clay Aiken (after that Idol appearance... He didn't have to say it)

and the newest addition...

6. Lance Bass of the defunct NSYNC.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rubber Glue Back to You (me)

Way back in the 1990's, my sister and her friends were so into "boy bands". I didn't understand why they were so into it considering that only two out of the five members were singing and the other members served as backdrops/ eye candy. I often teased my sister and mimic one of the singers on how obviously gay he was, the way he pouts his lips ala vogue, Harhar laughtrip. I knew that she had a big crush on him, so when he finally "came out" and admitted that he is gay. I teased her even more and played the "I told you so" over and over until she gets irritated . Now whenever I remind her of her former "obsession" she gives me the smirk and says "that was then, ok?!?".

I'm a big fan of the defunct Australian pop duo Savage Garden since 1998 and the recent development on the former frontman Darren Hayes shocked me, rubber glue back to me!


Darren Hayes is gay. Get over it. Since the former Savage Garden frontman announced that he had married his British boyfriend of two years, Richard Cullen, in a civil partnership ceremony in London on June 19, his many devoted female fans are struggling to come to terms with the fact that there was now a zero per cent chance they will ever marry the man, as opposed to the 0.00001 per cent possibility that existed previously.

Hayes's unexpected nuptials have resulted in many a cri de couer across the land. One young female was moved to forgiving words on his official website, saying she was still happy for him nevertheless and "it doesn't matter that he is gay or bisexual".

"I will love yooooou 4ever thanks 4 your courage daz," an Italian fan gushed.

Male fans have their own hurdles to jump, like this fan who was still coming to terms with his feelings, in a number of senses: "Imagine, the man that I've idolised, loved and cherished for soooo many years is gay? It is easy to accept that for women but not for men. Until now, I can't stop thinking about it."

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Undeniably there is a twig of disappointment whenever someone we look up to suddenly is "unavailable and gay". Come to think of it, there were a lot of clues dropped ever since "Savage Garden" started. Music videos released by the former band, Darren have shown certain expressions that suggest his sexuality but always thought (or probably I was just in denial/ blinded by admiration) that he was just so passionate about his craft. Now that he is finally out, as a fan I admire him more than ever. It took a lot of courage and is certainly a big risk for him to admit that he is gay and married. I'm still digesting the thought that he is gay but nevertheless this issue would not affect my admiration for Mr. Hayes and his music.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Lost

5:47 am a Saturday, currently watching "Once Upon A Time in Mexico" starring the "Mr. Depp". I actually have a copy of this movie in dvd but I never really get to watch the movie. The only time that I get to watch it bit by bit, since I keep on switching the channel just incase there are other movies, when its on cable. I didn't know Enrique Iglesias was in it... thinking of watching...considering... maybe some other time when I'm free (switches the channel to ETC , Knock first).

The recent typhoon left a lot of casualties, not only did it flood the streets of the Metro but it also managed to interrupt the electricity supply which led to a death in the household. My siblings and I are mourning for the recent passing of our desktop computer. A great loss indeed! We lost a lot of files! Mp3s, Pictures, documents but I believe that I have the greatest lost. Things were just picking up... they just got their college degree, looking forward to a bright future ahead. To my sims, I'm gonna miss you all. Hahaha pathetic I know, if you're playing sims 2 you'd understand, but I was really looking forward to playing since I just recently added the Open for business ep. I'll probably be posting this entry on a later date, since it would consume more time posting this online, the painful agony of using a dial-up to surf the net.

My brother already talked with the computer doctor, a family friend, and the diagnosis was to replace vital parts, which includes the motherboard which eventually leads to an upgrade. We would need to shell out at least 10T bucks, we are all pitching in but we are still short, so we are all being extra nice to mama hehehe. Doing her requests and errands happily. Thus having the chance to post this using her laptop after finishing a report she needed by noon


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Monday, July 03, 2006

What is your 4400 ability?

Amongst all the series Korean/American/Filipino currently airing on the telly, I easily got hooked on the American series "The 4400".
"The 4400 tells the stories of 4,400 people who disappeared over a period of fifty years and they all reappear at the exact same time without any memory of where they've been and what happened to them. Some of them have been altered and have strange abilities, both good and bad. The series kicks off with a ball of light sailing toward Earth, but rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of people emerge from the ball of light. They returnees have been missing from a few years to several decades and no one has aged a day." (source:

The much awaited season three starts ( in US) this month of July and has rumored to be the last installment. Season three includes 13 episodes, barely satisfying my 4400 addiction, I hope the rumors, regarding season 3 as the last season, aren't true. Locally, this series was aired in AXN and I've been waiting for a TV ad as to when will The 4400 season 3 start here.

Do you want to know "What is your 4400 ability?", click here.


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