Thursday, July 27, 2006

2006: The Year of "Coming Out"

Just came from the hospital to pick up mama, who was visiting a relative confined since Saturday. I opted to stay up late cause it's too cold inside my room and despite negotiations my sister still insisted to keep the air conditioning on. I'm having a hard time sleeping because of my three day old colds, my nose just feels so stuffed.

I'm currently checkin my email and I was taken a-back ...

I dub thee "2006 : The Year of "COMING OUT"

A number of foreign and local celebrities decided to finally come out of the closet and proudly announce their chosen sexuality. I just posted an entry regarding Darren Hayes "coming out" and a few days after that another celebrity stepped out of the closet. Whoah, I was surprised, never thought that he was one. Recent revelations only left me with one conclusion : The Gay community has a lot of super fine men, Damn gay guys are hot!

The following male celebrities, foreign and local, decided to finally come out:
1. Rustom Padilla
2. Jared Leto he took it back?
3.Darren Hayes
4. Piolo Pascual ( a good year to finally come out and follow the trend)
5. Clay Aiken (after that Idol appearance... He didn't have to say it)

and the newest addition...

6. Lance Bass of the defunct NSYNC.

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