Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Lost

5:47 am a Saturday, currently watching "Once Upon A Time in Mexico" starring the "Mr. Depp". I actually have a copy of this movie in dvd but I never really get to watch the movie. The only time that I get to watch it bit by bit, since I keep on switching the channel just incase there are other movies, when its on cable. I didn't know Enrique Iglesias was in it... thinking of watching...considering... maybe some other time when I'm free (switches the channel to ETC , Knock first).

The recent typhoon left a lot of casualties, not only did it flood the streets of the Metro but it also managed to interrupt the electricity supply which led to a death in the household. My siblings and I are mourning for the recent passing of our desktop computer. A great loss indeed! We lost a lot of files! Mp3s, Pictures, documents but I believe that I have the greatest lost. Things were just picking up... they just got their college degree, looking forward to a bright future ahead. To my sims, I'm gonna miss you all. Hahaha pathetic I know, if you're playing sims 2 you'd understand, but I was really looking forward to playing since I just recently added the Open for business ep. I'll probably be posting this entry on a later date, since it would consume more time posting this online, the painful agony of using a dial-up to surf the net.

My brother already talked with the computer doctor, a family friend, and the diagnosis was to replace vital parts, which includes the motherboard which eventually leads to an upgrade. We would need to shell out at least 10T bucks, we are all pitching in but we are still short, so we are all being extra nice to mama hehehe. Doing her requests and errands happily. Thus having the chance to post this using her laptop after finishing a report she needed by noon


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