Sunday, August 27, 2006

Philippine Idol announced it's Top 24

I haven't been blogging about "Philippine Idol" until now. I wanted to watch the first few episodes before I give my insights about the show. I'm an avid fan of it's American counterpart, needless to say I had high expectations for Philippine Idol. Although PI exclusive is aired everyday (for 30 mins) and PI (1 hour) every weekend, I barely watched or even finished a couple of episodes. It wasn't as exciting and spunky as its american counterpart. Neverthelss, I will still support Philippine Idol. Philippine Idol finally announced the top 24 idol hopefuls. The top 24 were composed of familiar, unfamiliar faces and unheard voices. This coming Saturday the Boys will be first to perform which will be followed by a Sunday elimination day. It's rumored that the bottom four will be eliminated.

Here are Philippine Idols' Top 24


Second Row (left to right):

Third Row (left to right):

Last Row (left to right):


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Rockstar Supernova Mp3 Files

Just woke up, couldn't get back to sleep so I just decided to post the mp3s I mentiooned from my previous entry. Here are some mp3s of Rockstar Supernova. These are my favorite songs performed at the show.
Enjoy Listening.

Ryan Star:
In the Air Tonight.mp3
Losing My Religion.mp3
Back Of Your Car.mp3

Baby One More Time.mp3
Time After Time.mp3
Every Breath You Take.mp3

Jill Goia:
Bring me To Life.mp3

Storm Large:
Bring Me To Life (feat Toby).mp3
Wish You Were Here.mp3

Lukas Rossi:
Bittersweet Symphony.mp3

Toby Rand:
Throw It All Away.mp3

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Tid Bits

I've been quite busy for the past few weeks and I really hope that all of the things I've lined up would turn out great. My dad might come home either September or November of this year, just in time for Christmas. Our first complete Christmas after a decade. We are all excited to greet him with our growing family, Gabby and Mikey. The puppies are growing up so fast. I call Gabby, little teddy, cause he resembles a cute chubby teddy bear. Mickey on the otherhand looks like his mom when she was a puppy and apparently likes to hangout in the kitchen, that's why I call him "kitchenello". Raphy, on the otherhand, is with his new family who also has a shih tzu puppy named Cha-cha. We miss him dearly, the house was so quite when he left us. We are grateful that he is with a loving family and he has a new playmate. I called his new owner the day after they got him and they sounded so happy. She narrated Raphy's antics and how he slept in their bed, while Cha-cha had a jealous streak about Raphy getting attention. We plan to stay in touch with them for as long as we can. Raphy and I had a small talk a few days before the "d-day", I know it's weird but I talk to my babies (dogs), they are good therapists. I hope he remembers me by the time we get to visit him.

I'm getting antsy with my room, I want to rearrange it, again, but the TV is mounted on the wall thus I'd still have to wait for my dad. He likes to do handyman things, all dressed up with matching goggles hehehe. He's kinda OC.

Reality-TV. Philippine Idol is currently on going, I always forget the names of the contestants that I like. It's only aired every Sunday, bitin talaga, I hope that they make it at least twice a week. I'm really curious about the idol contestant who reached the top 24 but eventually decided to transfer to ABS CBN's Pinoy Dream academy, tsk...tsk... Rockstar Supernova is already a few weeks away from finding Supernova's new frontman. I really don't fancy Tommy Lee hence I haven't been as faithful to this season as INXS. I still have my favorites though, I like Ryan Starr, Storm Large and Magni. I liked Ryan and Storm from the start, Magni just grew on me. Dilana 50/50 sometimes I like her sometimes I don't but her voice is just so edgy and unique. I'll post a couple of mp3's as soon as I finish uploading them.

Till then... have a nice day!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Confessions of A Former People Pleaser

After a few weeks of non-existent entries, I have returned with a fresh new layout and a new fact about me that I'd like to share. I'm a former people pleaser. I've been a "people pleaser" all most all of my life and it has taken a toll on me. You are all probably wondering, what the heck is a "people pleaser"? I did a little research to further educate myself and found a concise description about people pleasers which confirmed the state I was in.

People pleasers hold back from saying what they really think or from asking for what they want if they think someone will be upset with them for it. Yet they often spend time with people who don't consider their needs at all. In fact, people pleasers often feel driven to make insensitive or unhappy people feel better - even at the detriment to themselves.

Constantly trying to please other people is draining and many people pleasers feel anxious, worried, unhappy, and tired a lot of the time. They may not understand why no one does anything for them, when they do so much for others - but they often won't ask for what they need.

A people pleaser may believe that if they ask someone for help and that person agrees, that person would be giving out of obligation, not because they really wanted to. The thinking goes - if they really wanted to help, they would have offered without my asking. This line of thinking happens because people pleasers themselves feel obliged to help, and do not always do things because they want to. Sadly, people pleasers have been taught that their worth depends on doing things for other people.

It's painful being a people pleaser. People pleasers are not only very sensitive to other people's feelings, and often take things personally, but they also rarely focus on themselves. When they do take a moment for themselves, they feel selfish, indulgent, and guilty which is why they are often on the go, rushing to get things done. Because people pleasers accomplish so much and are easy to get along with, they are often the first to be asked to do things - they are vulnerable to be being taken advantage of.

Source: Kali Munro

I always said the right things, throwing smiles left and right, ignoring "unpleasant" scenarios pretend that it didn't happen. I found it difficult to say NO, even though I really don't want to do it. To top it off, I always believed that "If I could just be nice to other people, maybe they will also be nice to me in return". Now, realizing that all of that crap I thought of is just full of shit since a lot of people took advantage of my disposition. Some of them even recognized that I was gullible and naive but instead of correcting me, they completely did the opposite. I've treasured momments of reflection and meditation, the healing of wounds. One day I'll face and conquer my demons.

Discovering the rebel in me, silenced no more.


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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Black Eyed Peas: "Bebot"

I'd like to share this awesome video by Black Eyed Peas "Bebot". They made two music videos for this single, I posted Generation Two, and I haven't seen Generation one. This video includes the BEP and cameo appearances of Jasmine Trias (as APL’s baby sister), Camile Velasco and even Jose "Sway" Penala. I can’t wait to watch the other version!

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